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Good quality programmable remote control

Best designes

Ergonomically located main functional keys

Soft buttons comfortable to press

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The right one for better control your TV world

What You’re Getting

Changer comes with powerful but easy software , which gives you opportunity to program your remote control as you wish. Create your RC in seconds.

  • Program through USB

    Just connect your RC via USB-miniUSB cable to your PC. Open RCCreator and program your RC.

  • Program up to 4 devices

    You can program your RC for up to 4 different devices such as TV, DVD, AUX, SAT.

  • Shift key double function keys

    You have 43 functional keys, but you can double it with shift key.                                                                                                                        

  • More than 400 000 codes

    Our database contents huge amount of codes, from wich you can choose your device to program it on your RC.

  • Learning function

    If you can't find your device in our database, you can simply copy codes from your device using our software to our RC.

  • miniTV keys

    You should not switch your RC from DVD, SAT, AUX to TV anymore. miniTV keys are always waiting to control main TV functions.

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Take a look at our remote control images. Changer has modern ergonomical design to control your TV world with pleasure

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HR56G 4in1


WD55 4in1


LM-U009 4in1


FI32 HiFi


FI32 Projector




HR54C black 4in1


HR54C silver 4in1


HR54D 4in1


YX27 Hotel

  • Elena Kazakovna     Russia     pultov.net

    « Good quality remote controls, that can be easily programmed to any device.
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